Working for a strong, local economy

Working for a strong, local economy


OUTCOME: As a long term result of the project farmers in rural area of Zall Bastar Commune increased their incomes from their small farms which lead to nutrition improvement in their families with fruits. Home production of fruits is important for improving the diets of foods insecure households These fruits contribute to greater food security for families, poverty reduction the empowerment of individuals and communities and greater availability of fresh nutritious foods in local food systems Our projects promote sustainable development, or better still regenerative development, that leaves us and future generations in a better position. We promote and use small orchard design process and principles in our projects.

Donators: Australian Embassy Roma ( DAP)

DURATION: December 2016 to July 31, 2017

AREA OF IMPLEMENTATION: Murrize, Bastar, Vilez

NOTES: The project implemented in rural villages and will support fifteen woman families who are socio-economically disadvantaged. The orchards would support the agro-community to get rid of poverty through giving additional income. The orchards are an important component of the agricultural and homeowner landscape. As this could not be the major agriculture activities and it is only seasonal. It would enhance the income of the women family. Apple, almond and nut etc are the important horticulture fruit yielding plants. As we are promoting farm ponds this would enable the organization to watering the horticulture plants properly. Trees & Bees is your best friend when the farmers need help at the intersection of Mother Nature and their home (or yard).