Economic development of women in cultivating aromatic and medicinal plants

Project Title:  Economic development of women groups in cultivating aromatic and medicinal plants


DONATORS: Norwegian Embassy in Tirana

DURATION: June 2006 – June 2007


NOTES: The project supported 25 women in the cultivation aromatic and medicinal plants.

Other important aspect of the project has been to encourage the farmers to concentrate on sustainable agriculture suitable of the conditions of the area and to promote managing the sale products collected during years. The nature of the activities in the cultures and the nature of the pickings depend naturally on the season,  women was participate in the transfer of the plants from the cultures to the dryer, in the stripping of certain plants according to the needs and in the preparation of the plants for their preservation, women  participate in the transformation of the plants in aperitifs, our specialty but also in herb teas, and we talked about the various possible transformations based on the medicinal plants.