Poverty reduction in Zall Bastar area

Project Title: Poverty reduction in rural community of Zallbastari

OUTCOME: 50 families have improved nutrition from using more milk and honey. Each family uses 3-4 liters of milk per day for family need. The project has distribution 10  cows and  100 bee families DONATORS: Heifer International USA
DURATION: July 01,2010 to 30 December 2010
AREA OF IMPLEMENTATION:  Zgure, Vilez, Bastar Mesem Villages
NOTES: “Poverty reduction” project funded by Heifer USA and Rotary Club Italy aimed at supporting 28 families of persons with disabilities from rural community of Zall Bastar with low income. The project’ budget was 46170 USD and was implemented in four years’ time, starting from February 2008 to June 2012.