Stop AIDS!

Stop AIDS!


OUTCOME: During period we have Trainers specialists of health center of two communes care who perform invasive procedures or have skin lesions should take precautions to protect patients from the risk of infection.


DURATION: June, 10 to December 30, 2005

AREA OF IMPLEMENTATION: Health Center of Synej & Golem Commune

  1. Preventing the spread of AIDS requires a comprehensive strategy that includes effective, sustained health education and health promotion programs. The goal of this project was to reduce the risk of individuals becoming infected with AIDS or, if already infected, infecting others.
  2. Support Centers initiatives, carried out by centers staff which include raising awareness on prevention, and mitigation of HIV/AIDS, training, and, provision of related diagnosis, treatment, and care services; and,
  3. Support to community- and civil society-led HIV control initiatives, targeting support to tourists, and the most vulnerable, as well as promoting, and providing home-based care through community-based information, education, and communication on preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.