our history

For the Gender Integration Association’’ (FGIA) is a non for profit organisation, formally registered by 23 November 2003, in the Law Court of Tirana with court decision nr. 888.

Its Organizational Structure involves the Board and an elected Director. Based on its Statute, the organization is owned by its members and organization’s membership counts more than 200 male and female producers, advisors and other related people, who pay an entry fee and annual contributions. Personnel and members of FGIA involve layers, doctors, agronomists, animal husbandry experts, vets, sociologists, economists, etc., with rich managerial experiences and expertise. FGIA Home Office is in Zall Bastar, but through its branches and network of members it also operates in other districts of the country. The mandate of this organization is working with women and girls from rural areas. The mission of the organization is the improvement of women livelihood with focus to the most marginalized groups of the society, especially women and girls.

With its experience of working with poor, marginalized women and girls from rural areas, as well as with its expertise of addressing problems of poverty, discrimination, gender balance, domestic violence, livelihood and participation of women in decision-making etc., FGIA seeks to contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals.  To achieve such goals, FGIA is cooperating with other NGOs and participates in different networks in order to boost its working impact. One of the main memberships of FGIA is its membership in Antipoverty Network in Albania. FGIA members also are active in capacity building activities organized by different institutions and donors.

FGIA has implemented a wide variety of projects funded by institutional donors, UN agencies as well as international NGOs; out of the most important ones involve Embassies of Norway and Germany, USAID, Swiss Cooperation, FAO, ADA and other important donors.

The project areas are selected among communes categorized as the poorest in the country. Our NGO is mainly focused in the Zall Bastar region, a few kilometers from the capital, Tirana.

Current Situation

The high level of poverty and unemployment among communities living in rural parts of Albania is very concerning. Our organization works by identifying communities living in poverty, their needs and then we apply for projects based on the needs of these communities. We aim to improve the life of women and children living in rural areas of Albania. For Gender Integration Association also emphasizes the importance of women in their families and communities and thus we work hard in empowering women economically, by creating employment opportunities for them. The current situation in rural Albania can be seen in the below gallery of photos. There is still much to be done for communities in rural Albania.